A simplified guide to the registration of transfer

AWD Law streamlines the registration of transfer. We offer our clients professional property advice and conveyancing services. When you appoint us as your conveyancing attorneys you can expect:

  • STEP 1

We receive the transfer instruction and contact the client. We send the initial letter to the client.

  • STEP 2

We request the bond cancellation figures on the seller’s bond, if applicable.

  • STEP 3

We request the rates clearance figures and any levies and homeowner’s association figures, if applicable.

  • STEP 4

If applicable, we then await the Bond approval.

  • STEP 5

We receive FICA documentation from the client, draft the transfer documents and request the applicable guarantees.

  • STEP 6

We then arrange the client signature of documents and request payment of the transfer costs.

  • STEP 7

We upload the relevant documents to SARS for Transfer Duty and make payment. We receive the guarantees and send same to the Bond Cancellation Attorney.

  • STEP 8

Rates clearance and levy clearance figures are paid.

  • STEP 9

AWD Law’s offices prepare documents to be lodged at the Deeds Office. The documents are lodged. Documents on prep, next day registration.

  • STEP 10

Our offices receive payment from Guarantees and finances are finalised. Registration letters are sent to clients.

  • STEP 11

We receive the Deeds from the Deeds Office. The original Deeds are sent to the bank.

  • STEP 12

File closed.