5 Practical Home Security Tips

5 Practical Home Security Tips

Investing in a property, try out our top home security tips.

Investing in home security not only provides peace of mind that your loved ones are safe, but it can also increase the value of your home. While many South Africans are fortunate to live in secure housing estates, adding extra security measures and prioritizing safety can provide additional protection.

Here are our top home security tips for enhancing your home security.

Don’t allow post and deliveries to accumulate

While many bills are now sent digitally, some people still receive mail in their home mailboxes. If your mailbox is overflowing or if you allow deliveries to pile up on your doorstep, it can signal to others that no one is home. If you will be away, make arrangements to have your mail cleared away as often as if you were at home.

Consider CCTV

Home surveillance systems can significantly enhance the security of your home, protecting whether you are present or away. Visible cameras can act as a deterrent to potential intruders, helping to safeguard your property.

Checking your home before returning from a night out can provide peace of mind about your safety.

Check your visitors out before answering the door

If you can’t afford camera surveillance, a peephole can be a more cost-effective way to see who’s at your door. After looking at the person, ask them to identify themselves and explain the reason for their visit before letting them in.

Have an alarm installed

Having a home alarm is an excellent way to deter criminals from accessing your property. Even if they have the know-how to disarm an alarm, it’s a time-consuming and risky process. Criminals would rather try their luck at unsecured properties. You can indicate this by making sure the security company that monitors your alarm puts a sign up outside your house.

Don’t forget to set your alarm

Setting your home alarm system is crucial for maximum effectiveness. Even if you’re just stepping out briefly, arming the alarm can provide protection against potential break-ins. It only takes a few minutes for burglars to steal your valuables if your home is left unsecured while you’re away, even for a quick trip to the store.

Install security gates and burglar bars

We all enjoy opening our doors and windows, especially during the peak of summer. You can still enjoy the refreshing breeze and stay safe during the hottest times by securing your home with burglar bars and security gates. Slam-lock security gates are an excellent investment.

Fortify your doors with a deadbolt and make sure to double-lock them, especially if you don’t have a security gate.

Sliding doors allow natural light in and create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. However, they can be vulnerable to break-ins, so consider adding a lock to enhance security.

Be careful of what you post on social media

Be cautious about undermining any security enhancements you make by sharing excessive personal information on social media. Criminals are increasingly sophisticated in their methods and often use social media platforms to identify potential targets. Refrain from posting your address online and avoid sharing any details about your home security.

In addition, ensure that your home WiFi network is protected by a strong password. Hackers can potentially disable alarm and CCTV systems if they can access your network.

  • Adopt a safety-first attitude

Remember these useful home security tips if you live in a street-side property:

  • Close your blinds or windows at night. When you switch on lamps and lights, it’s easy for passersby to see into your home
  • Get into the habit of saying goodbye when you go out, even when there’s no one there
  • Don’t leave post or documents with your home address visible in your car
  • Keep tools and gardening equipment locked away and inaccessible. Don’t help would-be criminals gain access to your home
  • Don’t leave spare keys lying around. Keep spare keys in a safe place, not under the front doormat or in full view of anyone who gains access to your house

Home security tips benefits. 

Your primary residence could be the most significant investment you make. The safety of your family and friends is priceless, and buyers also seek safe and secure homes. Any improvements you make to your home security may increase the value of your property.

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