Buying Sectional Title Property?

Buying Sectional Title Property?

Here’s What You Need To Know About Sectional Title Properties

What Is A Sectional Title Unit?

A sectional title can refer to anything from a semi-detached house, a town house, a flat or apartment to a subtype house. 

Ownership of sectional title properties involves various elements, provided that the unit consists of a section plus an undivided share in the common property.

Sectional title properties are generally referred to as units and might include for example apartments or flats, townhouses and semi-detached houses. Shared facilities include parking areas, a clubhouse, swimming pool and playgrounds or golf estate and other amenities as applicable.

Advantages Of Sectional Title Property

  • Better Security 

Most sectional title developments have excellent security around the perimeter  

  • Near Curb Appeal 

Maintenance of the common property, wages and salaries of cleaners, security, and additional staff, plus the water and electricity needed for the common property.

There is a greater sense of community due to the proximity of units to each other.

Disadvantages Of Sectional Title Property

Unlike freehold property ownership, the owner of a unit is not in control of the entire property. Instead, the owner will have to comply with the rules as determined by the Body Corporate. The Body Corporate may adopt rules relating to the keeping of pets, and access to communal areas.

The rules and regulations of the complex might change from time to time, provided that the Trustees of the Body Corporate act in the best interests of their members.

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