City of Johannesburg General Valuation Roll 2023-2027 Objections

City of Johannesburg General Valuation Roll 2023-2027 Objections

Around 940,000 properties have revised rates and taxes set by the City of Joburg, and their owners will start paying rates based on the amended assessments from July 2023 to 2027.

According to The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse OUTA several property owners have already discovered that their properties are overvalued, some by as much as 70% resulting in significant increases in rates and taxes.

As of 01 July 2022, the city evaluates your property based on a market-related “willing seller to willing buyer” value. Based on the valuations, a rate-in-the-rand is applied to the rates. Property owners are usually given additional time by the City of Johannesburg to inspect and contest values of their residences and assets.

Some residents have raised concerns that their properties have not been valued accurately. If you believe that your property is over-valued, you may lodge an objection. You don’t need to do anything if you think the new value is fair.

How Do I Object? 

It is up to each individual homeowner or property owner to detect and lodge any differences, not the municipality,. If there is information on the valuation roll that you believe is erroneous, you have the right to object as long as you can provide sufficient justification and supporting documentation. A Municipal Valuer will then take the objection into consideration. The property will be revalued and/or reclassified if the Municipality decides the objection is legitimate. If the result is unacceptable, one may file an appeal.

An objection form must be completed and submitted to the Municipality prior to the due date and no late objections will be accepted. The objection will be taken into consideration if it is made in the specified manner and during the prescribed objection time.

The actions listed below were supplied by Outa to examine your valuation:

  • The new value should be compared to the current value on your most recent City of Johannesburg invoice.
  • You can protest the new value if it has dramatically increased in order to possibly negotiate a better deal.

An Objection Should  Include:

  • The details of the property, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, 
  • Improvements, the age of the improvements, any unfavourable conditions that may affect the value, 
  • The size and type of the building (garage, granny flat, etc.), and any other relevant information, must be included in an objection. 
  • Market evidence (a list of sold properties in the immediate area at the valuation date of 1 June 2022) is also required. 
  • In addition, to make a successful objection to your Municipality’s General Valuation Roll, you will need a valuation report. It’s always best to go to a professional for property valuations. Professional valuers create valuation reports after carefully considering a number of variables, including the property’s location, size, condition, comparable sales information, and market trends. On the other hand estate agents can only provide a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) which will take into account market forces along with the value and selling price of other properties in the area.

An official valuation report will consist of:

  • Purpose of the valuation
  • Property being valued
  • Date of valuation
  • Title particulars
  • Details of the property
  • Basis of the valuation

You will have to pay their fees after you receive your appraisal report. When selling your house, an agent’s market analysis, which they provide for free, is just as effective as a formal valuation certificate.

Lodge a complaint with the City of Joburg here.

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