Green living tips for a more sustainable home

Green living tips for a more sustainable home

Below are a few green living tips that could yield plenty of benefits, including lowering the cost of monthly utilities.

Although load-shedding and water-shedding are local issues, extreme weather conditions are a result of climate change. This is driving the trends toward alternative utility solutions. As communities become more committed to reducing their carbon footprint, homeowners have plenty of opportunities to reduce their reliance on the national grid and be proactive about power and water generation. Thanks to South Africa’s socio-economic climate, ‘going green’ could yield plenty of benefits, including lowering the cost of monthly utilities.

Make your property water-wise

One of the green living tips to consider is being water wise. South Africa experiences alternating flooding and water shortages, depending on the area you reside in. However, a low swimming pool level or a dehydrated garden can harm your home’s value and its appeal to potential buyers. So, what are some of your options?

  • Consider a borehole

Although it might not be top on the list for buyers, they are more likely to respond positively to a lush and well-maintained garden. Whether you intend to put your home on the market or stay put, a borehole is an excellent investment.

Boreholes can be expensive, but they can be beneficial for properties with low water tables. What if accessing groundwater from your property is not an option?

  • Think about automated irrigation

Modern irrigation systems can integrate with fertilizers, soil moisture sensors, and rain sensors. They can be programmed to schedule irrigation when evaporation is minimal.

  • Invest in alternative power sources

Solar energy systems are receiving increased attention due to the availability of rebates for private homes that install new rooftop solar systems. Whether you choose to go solar, invest in an inverter, or acquire a generator, alternative power solutions could enhance the appeal of your property to potential buyers.

Remember: if you decide to switch to solar, you still need an Electrical Certificate of Compliance.

You may not have the budget or inclination to invest in a turnkey alternative energy solution for your property, but there are also small changes you can make to boost your property’s appeal to potential buyers:

  • Go for gas

A gas stove provides instant heat and quick cooking, which is a major benefit for potential buyers. If you’re still unsure, consider a dual stove with a gas cooktop and electric oven. It’s essential to prioritize safety by following these basic guidelines:

  • Ensure that you use an accredited, licensed installer.
  • Obtain a Certificate of Conformity after installation, as you will need to present a valid certificate when you sell the stove. These certificates remain valid for five years.

Gas geysers are a cost-effective option for buyers to consider. Unlike electric geysers, which need to run constantly to keep water warm, gas geysers provide hot water on demand. Additionally, they do not rely on the sun to generate heat, unlike solar geysers.

  • Rethink your lighting

If you’re not going to use a full rooftop solar system, consider using solar security lights to illuminate your home at night. You can also decrease your electricity usage with motion-sensor lighting that turns on when someone enters a room.

These green living tips  can also help sell your house faster and increase the value of your home.

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While many individuals may not have the means to design an eco-friendly residence from scratch, some alterations can be implemented to existing structures and land.

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