Home Repairs To Add To The Value Of Your Home

Home Repairs To Add To The Value Of Your Home

Home repairs to add value to your home tips

Those little annoyances that you get used to over time: the toilet handle that needs to be jiggled after each flush, the lights that have not functioned properly, that door that needs revarnishing. Now that you are thinking of selling your house, you may consider these flaws from the perspective of potential buyers and realise they might decrease the value of
your house if you don’t fix them.

When you put your property on the market, it’s important to consider the home repairs to add to the value of your home. These home improvements can improve your property’s attractiveness to buyers. Let’s look at what needs to be fixed before selling a house, as well as the equally crucial issue of what not to fix when selling – to help you avoid going overboard.

Deciding what to change and what to leave depends on the actual potential value the property can get, the cost of the repairs, and the seller’s expectations. You don’t have to fix everything, but it’s worth getting input from property professionals on which home repairs to add to the value of your home.

Ready to sell your home and don’t know which home improvements increase value? Don’t worry we’ve got you. Here are the home improvements that add value and are well worth considering.

Home Repairs That Add Value:Fix An Ageing Roof

A worn-out roof can lower the value of your home and have several adverse impacts. If your roof is in poor condition or considerably older than that of your neighbours, it can be worthwhile to invest in a replacement before you sell your house.

Home Repairs That Add Value Pro Tips:

  • Make sure you paint corrugated roofs and secure the roof tiles.
  • Make sure you fix roof leaks before your ceiling boards get damaged.
  • In addition to being unsightly, damp areas on the roof can pose a safety risk if any electrical outlets become wet or if the ceiling boards become brittle and collapse.
  • As this is overlooked in most homes, having your roof washed and painted will make your property appear presentable and stand out.
  • Additionally, cleaning out your gutters will let your water drain more effectively.

Create Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is crucial because first impressions matter. Make sure that prospective buyers feel the appeal of your property immediately by keeping the exterior and the entrance in immaculate condition. Most buyers want a property that has been well-maintained. Doing some work on the garden, ordinary housekeeping, and paint touch-ups are some of the renovations that increase home value.

A clean coat of paint over unkempt and unclean walls will go a long way toward helping to sell a house or apartment at a higher price. In addition, clearing the clutter from the living rooms, bedrooms and kitchen, as well as staging the house to give it a tidy yet lived-in appearance are the little things that can get you more from selling your house.

Upgrade The Bathrooms

When the exterior of your property is in decent condition, you should concentrate on the interior, especially the bathrooms. If your house only has one bathroom, installing a second one might greatly improve its marketability. Check any spare rooms or underused areas to see if there is a place for an additional bathroom. The best return on investment when you remodel an existing bathroom is to swap out old fixtures and tiles for more contemporary ones.

Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is the one space in your house that needs to wow potential buyers. This is where people cook and consume their meals. It serves as the centre of many people’s homes.
While it’s not necessary to have a state-of-the-art kitchen, it must be tidy, useful, and aesthetically pleasing. If your kitchen needs some TLC, you can increase its appeal with a few well-placed repairs and improvements such as lightening and brightening with neutral paint and changing hardware. It generally doesn’t make financial sense to start a major kitchen remodel when you are selling.

Invest In Security

Increasing your security is a huge part of home improvements that add value because crime is high in South Africa. Security upgrades can help you in the short term by making you feel safer, but it will also help you sell your house later because purchasers want to buy a house that they can feel comfortable and safe in.

Home Repairs That Add Value Pro Tips:

  • Make sure the boundary wall or fencing you currently have is well-maintained and that any issues or damages are fixed.
  • By putting up an electric fence, you can help keep people from breaking into your house.
  • Adding cameras to your home will make it safe for you or any possible purchasers.
  • Adding an alarm system will warn you and your neighbours of any intruders.

Go Green: Install Backup Power

Going green is a great method to help preserve power and reduce your electricity cost at a time when Eskom is trying to keep up with the demand for electricity and load shedding is a regular occurrence in South Africa.
Due to the rising cost of power, many purchasers look for properties that can reduce their dependence on the grid and electricity consumption. According to South African home loan experts, ooba Home Loans, solar panels can increase the value of a property by around 3 to 4%.

Pro Tips

  • One easy approach to start reducing is to replace your old lights with LEDs and energy-saving light bulbs.
  • Even though it is expensive, installing a solar panel on a geyser will save you money on power and ensure that you can always take a hot shower during load shedding.
  • Installing a geyser timer, which has been proven to save money, could be an affordable solution.

Air Conditioning

Everyone is aware of how hot the summers can get in South Africa, but installing air conditioning may be pricey. For those without the money, ceiling fans are an attractive addition to any home. Not only will they assist in keeping a room cool, but they also give a wonderful decorative element, which may increase the appeal of the house to potential purchasers. The installation of a wood-burning stove or fireplace to heat the house during our harsh winters can help raise the home’s market value.

What Not To fix When Selling A House

  • Minor electrical or plumbing issues
  • Ageing windows
  • Driveway and walkway cracks

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