Keep Your Moving Costs Low

Keep Your Moving Costs Low

Keep Your Moving Costs Low, as low as possible with these Tips below.

When moving into a new home, there are numerous upfront fees that some people might neglect to budget for. A sizable deposit will be required from tenants, while transfer expenses and bond registration charges will be the responsibility of buyers. The amount of money left over for expenses like moving day and buying furniture for the new house is sometimes relatively low. Keep your moving costs low, as low as possible. This may help you to free up some disposable income that could be used to personalise your new home space.

Moving Costs: What To Budget For 

You will need to include a few more expenses in your budget in addition to the moving company prices. This includes things like packing materials and perhaps hiring a cleaning service for both the home you’re leaving and the one you’re moving into before the move.

Additionally, you may need to make adjustments to your new house, such as restorations, upkeep, and even the installation of new blinds or curtains before you move in.

In addition on moving day, you will spend money on fuel for your own car that’s being used back and forth, take-out because you might not have time to prepare food or everything is packed away in boxes. A night or two of lodging may be required if you are travelling a long distance. If you have pets, you may incur some additional expenses in moving or keeping them comfortable.

Some of the elements that impact moving expenses include the following:

  • How much you need to move and whether it is heavy to carry
  • How far the new property is from your current house
  • Is getting to your new house difficult (no elevator, many steps, is it a ground unit)
  • Time of day and month (moves over the weekend, at month’s end, and at the end of the year are more expensive)
  • How long will it take to move 
  • How many loads it will take

Compare Prices For Moving Companies To keep Moving Costs Low

If you decide to hire professional movers, take the time to compare prices. To find the most reasonable price, request estimates from at least three different businesses. By doing this beforehand, you’ll be able to create a more accurate budget and give yourself enough time to save the proper amount.

Rent a Trailer If You Have a Big Car to Help Keep Your Moving Costs Low 

For those with a tow bar and the right car, renting a trailer for the day can be more affordable than getting professional movers. Even better, if a friend or member of your family were to loan you a trailer or car for the day, you might be able to save some of your budget for other expenses..

Hire A Moving Truck Yourself

The most expensive part of any move will be hiring a moving company. You can completely eliminate this expense by renting a truck. The only costs you’ll have to be concerned with are the rental price and fuel. Self-drive is an option if you hold a Code C licence. If not, the majority of South African truck rental firms offer a driver. In either case, hiring a moving company to handle the job for you would be far more expensive. Of course, you’ll have to load and unload the truck yourself. However, depending on your circumstances and budget, the extra effort may be worthwhile.

Do Your Own Packing

Many moving companies offer this service but you can save a lot of money by doing your own packing. If you don’t have any special belongings that require professional packing, you can just do it yourself.  It is an arduous process but you can manage it by sticking to your moving calendar and doing it in bite-sized increments. 

Declutter Your House Before Moving

Prior to moving, purge your home of any unnecessary items. This will make the procedure more affordable. Get rid of everything you don’t need before the move, and give or sell anything that’s still in good shape. Wait until you have settled into your new house before buying new items. Selling some of the items you don’t need or use could earn you some extra cash to invest in your new property.

Pack With Items You Already Have

You will definitely need good boxes and lots of tape. Instead of forking out for extra packing supplies, see if you can use stuff around the house first. For example, using dish towels or clothes to wrap and suitcases or cooler boxes to transport. You probably have a few fragile things that need to be protected in bubble wrap. You can save money by making use of newspaper and other waste paper to fill voids in your boxes and for padding and buffering.

Moving On A Budget? Keep Your Moving Costs Low 

  • Move As Much As You Can Yourself

Try to move the majority of the smaller and more personal items yourself and only leave the big stuff for the moving company.

  • Move Outside Of Peak Rates

Try to schedule your move in the quieter times when moving companies charge less. These times are mid-year (avoid school holidays), mid-month and mid-week.

  • Rope In Family and Friends

You might even know someone who owns a truck or bakkie and is ready to help you move your belongings. 

In conclusion, even if certain moving expenses can’t be avoided, there are several easy ways to cut expenditures. Doing adequate research, comparing prices, and selecting a reliable moving company are the most crucial steps.

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